A comprehensive guide for those who want to compose better essays

Do you feel that you are not living up to your essay writing potential? Do you feel that you are not getting the grades you are capable through no fault of your own? Then it is very likely that you are not utilizing a few important tips when you are composing your papers. This comprehensive guide will show you exactly how you can use these tips to help you attain very high marks in your papers. If you don't know what to do, you can use custom writing service.


This is the most important aspect of composing a paper that many students neglect. A good plan will be a reference point for you to go back to while writing your paper. Many times, students have brilliant ideas on what to write in their papers, but when it comes time to craft their masterpiece, they have forgotten the brilliant ideas they had. However, with a plan at hand, you will never have to deal with this agonizing scenario.

Another advantage to planning is that it adds good structure to your writing, and the structure of your work is as important as the content. For your plan, you should write down a brief description of what you will be writing for each point you will be making. You need to list any sources you will use for these points so that you do not forget about them.


This may be an area you are neglecting when composing your paper, hence your poor grades. It is pivotal to thoroughly research the topic at hand, and to implement your research logically into your writing; your sources should back up the points you are making.

The best place to look for sources is an academic journal related to your topic. These will host all the latest literature pertaining to your subject, as well as past submissions. Through this, you can see how the subject has evolved over time.

Usually you will have to pay a fee to access most journals, however if you do not want to do this then Google scholar is an excellent alternative.

Another avenue that you can utilize is your school or college library. They will host many books that will have some important piece of research that can be used in your essay. This will also further your knowledge of the subject matter.

Writing Style

The style of writing that you should implement in your paper is called ‘academic writing’. This is a very formal type of writing and you should absolutely avoid using any informal language. Another thing to keep note of is the fact you do not necessarily need to use formal and complex vocabulary for your paper; as long as your writing in concise and easy to understand, it should be enough.

Another thing to keep in mind is to have short paragraphs consisting of around 5-6 sentences. This makes it easier to read your work, as opposed to large chunks of text.


As pointed out before, the structure of your work is extremely important. Content is not the only thing your professors will be looking out for, but they will also be analyzing your structure and how your paper flows. You need to make sure you’re your paper is easy to read and follow. With this in mind, the outline of your paper should be as follows:

As you can see, it is not hard to improve your essays; you just need to implement a few of these simple tips we have shown in our comprehensive guide. If you do this, then there is no doubt that you can achieve a lot of success in your writing and greatly impress your professor.