Briefly Describe Your Long- And Short-Term Goals

Describing your long term and short-term goals is a common essay question that students are asked. When applying for university, this is an application question that will often come up that is asked of students.


There are many reasons for why this is a good question; it allows college administrators to see if perspective students have a vision for their future and what they aim to do with their education.


As such, you need to make a good impression on college administrators to ensure that they understand your goals clearly.



Planning is an important aspect of any essay. Without a coherent plan, your essay can become jumbled up and you can lose track of your writing. To ensure that your readers can follow your thoughts and plans, you need to plan your writing.


Firstly, you need to think about what your long term and short-term goals are. Long term wise, you need to think about life after college. You need to have a think about what jobs your college degree will typically lead to and whether or not your goal is pursue that or something else.


Short terms goals are usually concerned with how you will you will develop during college. Have a think about your hobbies and interests outside of education and you can fine-tune these in college.


In your plan, you need to have a few points you want to discuss for your long-term goals and short-term goals. You will expand on these points in your actual paper.



You need to structure and edit your essay well so that it is easy to understand. The following is an excellent way to structure your essay:



Editing is an important part of the process, especially for an essay of such importance. Ensure that you use software to weed out any grammatical and punctuation mistakes present in your paper. College administrators do not take kindly to glaring mistakes in your writing, so lower your chances of rejection by properly editing your writing.


As you can see, it can be a little tough to be writing about your future goals, both short and long term at such an easily age. However that is the aim of the exercise, to get you thinking about your future and make you aware of what you want out of college.