Who In Your Life Has Been Your Biggest Influence And Why?

It is important to have influential people in our lives, whose personalities and actions can serve as role models for all; in my case it is my mother.

Throughout our lives we meet and interact with several people. Some we only know for a few hours or days, while others stay with us throughout our lives. However, the duration these people spend with us does not necessarily influence the impact they have on our lives. It is the experiences we have with them that determine whether we remember them or not.

Finding your role model

A role model is someone we always look up to; whose opinions we trust and whose life serves as a living example for us. We, humans, have lived our lives by imitation, learning things from one another. In the same manner, every one of us is always looking for role models to follow; people who could give our lives a direction or inspire us in some memorable way.

My biggest influence

Like everyone, I also have someone in my life I look up to before I do everything and someone I consult every problem with; whether it is learning to cook a new dish or ways to cope with stress. My biggest influence comes from my mother. Having spent all of my life with her, I feel blessed to have someone who is so kind yet strong. My mother is the one who taught me to take my first step and has always supported me in every endeavor of life.

However, she is not my role model because as plain as it may sound, like every child loves their mother, I love her too. She is an inspiration to me because of the values she hold dear and the way in which she leads her life. Being a single mother, life has not always been easy for her. It has been hard to manage both her children and work at the same time. I have seen her become this strong person who can exercise calm in a situation of utmost distress, and I have seen her handle the most difficult situations with ease. She has never given up simply because she was tired but had always worked hard for all of us.

How her teachings influence my life?

I have always wanted to be like her; someone who is strong and independent and knows what they are doing in their life. When I started my first job in a Marketing firm, it was hard to adjust to the corporate life and determine my place in life. At that moment, I took lessons from my mother’s life. She always taught me to be honest and confident about what I do in life. I learnt that it is important to put forward your ideas and opinions without fear of rejection. I also figured that one may fail sometimes, but what is important is that one keeps on going forward and trying harder. This is something I learnt from my mother; the way she dealt with every financial crisis our family faced has always been exemplary.

Therefore, it is important to have someone in your life that you can learn from. This someone can be a popular personality appearing on the television, a historic figure, or maybe someone who lives in your own house, doing wonders in the background.