Your Leadership Ability Both In And Out Of School

Everyone can be a follower, but it takes real willpower and determination to be a leader. You may have read essays about or heard speeches of several popular leaders in the world. They can be from different profession; however whether they are politicians, business entrepreneurs and even college student council presidents they have something in common: an aura of authority or a charisma associated with them. This is what sets a leader apart from others.

Who Is A Leader?

A leader is someone who holds a certain degree of authority and superiority over within his or her field. This position allows him to organise, direct, lead and control others. The leader may be there to influence people towards the achievement of a certain goal or goals.

What Makes And Effective Leader?

There are several qualities mentioned below that one may naturally poses or learn to make an effective leader:

Leadership In School

School is a time when we all get to explore our leadership qualities and discover what we are best at. I believe that this practice is helpful when we leave the school and enter the real world as well. If you are trained to be a leader from a young age you may find it easier to become one in the outside world as well.

I had been part of the student council for most of my time in high school. I had the post for the president of the debating society. My job required me to learn all the necessary qualities for an effective leader. I had to set a realistic goal for the debating team and the path to achieving it. For the achievement of this goal, I was not only supposed to polish my own debating skills but also coach and help out other members of my society. With regular coaching sessions and trials I was able to do so.

Leadership Outside School

I believe that my leadership qualities were put to real test when I begin my career. I opted for marketing, believing that my great communication skills and creativity will enable me to do better in this field. I had to constantly creative new plans with my team and reassess not only my team’s strengths and weaknesses but that of my competitors as well. I had to lead, direct and motivate my fellows, while also ensuring that they are given the right creative environment to work in.

Therefore, everyone has some form of leader hidden beneath them. They key to discovering it is through practice, determination and lots of trial and error until perfect.