Describe Your Most Meaningful Achievements And How They Relate To Your Future Goals

Being the youngest child in the family, I was always spoiled with loads of gifts and goodies. I was like the star child of the family. Life was great until it was time to join college. My teachers used to say that one day I’ll do great in the field of arts. However, my parents had other plans for me. They wanted me to become an engineer, because of the pressure I gave in too and applied to an engineering school.

After a year and a half of constant struggle and hard work, I decided to talk to my parents about my dream of becoming a professional theatre artist. I received a lot of back lash from the family and was eventually thrown out of the house. It was my dream against theirs. It started off pretty rough, I remember sleeping on garden benches and eating off of food stalls. Eventually I scored a job as a waiter for a local coffee shop. The pay was less but I needed work so could afford a place to live and money to pay my college tuition.

After a year of constant hard work and savings, I applied for an under graduate program at The UNC School of Arts. Because of my passion for drama and dance I secured a seat and found an apartment within the vicinity. I talked to the management about my crisis and they offered me a scholarship, only if I maintain my grades and perform well. This for me was a dream come true. In my 4 years at the college, I worked, practiced hard and performed harder. I was living the life of my dreams.

It was my final year show and we were allowed to invite guests, naturally I wanted my parents to be there. So, I took the invite and sent it to my parent’s address along with a note begging them to come and witness magic happen. I was hopeless and didn’t think they’d come, however they showed up. I was filled with gratitude and joy while performing. My instructors called me off stage after the performance and told me that they saw magic happen that day. For them the performance was magic, but for me my parents sitting in the audience and clapping for me was surreal.

I might have achieved what I wanted to, but there are others who are too scared to follow their dreams. The reason why I am sharing my story with you is because I want you to know that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. It was only after the achievement of getting into a prestigious school that I set my future goals. I am now on the verge of rising as one of the top theatre artists. If you believe in yourself you can achieve great things in life.

For someone like me who was forced into choosing careers, breaking out of it was difficult and the journey itself hasn’t been easy either. So I urge you to consider your dreams and try to achieve them. It might be difficult but once you are on the right path, everything seems to fall into place.