Tell About Books That Affected You Deeply And Explain Why

Books can have wide ranging effects on those who read them. Being an avid also sets students up well for college life. These reasons all contribute to why colleges are eager to ask students questions on books they have read. Most colleges have state of the art libraries that host many interesting books. If you do not have a book come immediately to your mind, then you need to read more to make use of excellent college libraries!

Choosing A Book

The hardest part for many students, especially for those who do not read, is choosing an adequate book to write about. The good thing is that the book can be either fiction or non-fiction. So if you’re not a fan of fiction but like to read, for example, books about nature, then you are able to choose this book to write about.

If, after some long thought, you cannot come up with a book to discuss, then you can dig into your school memories. Most students read and analyse very important pieces of literature that has had a huge impact on society. If you are seriously struggling to come up with a name, then you can use the books you studied at school as an example.


Colleges are well aware that many applicants do not even read books. Colleges know this but press ahead with such a question regardless. The reason for this is that colleges look for driven and hardworking people who are thirsty to learn and acquire knowledge. Those who are constantly reading will have some, if not most, of these vital qualities that are vital for success in college.


You need to plan your essay diligently before you begin writing. Your plan should list the book or books you want to talk about in your essay. Under each book, briefly write why and how they have been able to affect you and whether or not you still return back to these books. The plan is important in giving your work coherency.


The following format makes it very easy for your people to read and follow your work:

As you can see, this essay question is significantly harder than the other ones you may have had to answer during the admissions process. Remain calm and think back to your school years if you are not a reader and have no book or books that have affected you. Through this , you should be able to talk about many different types of books.