What Do You Consider To Be The Single Most Important Societal Problem? Why?

We all move at a pace that’s far too fast. Pursuing life on overdrive, striving to accomplish our goals and make our dreams a reality, our days fly by. We’re taught to adapt; to survive, to deal with the world and all its difficulties. This is how our society is bred. And in the midst of this, arose our greatest problem; a loss of empathy. There are many reasons we can hold accountable for this unfortunate outcome.

We’ve Become Too Self-Involved

The harsh truth is that people have become too involved in their own lives to care as much for others. Our priorities revolve around providing ourselves with the ‘best’ possible future. For the larger part of society, this includes; receiving a good education, getting a good job, achieving financial stability and eventually settling down. People have become so absorbed in their own lives that we fail to take others into as much consideration as we should. Many people hardly take the time out to get to know their residential neighbours. Maintaining good relations with others and helping people where it doesn’t benefit us, are no longer considered important. Being a ‘good’ person is considered a bonus, not a necessity. While it’s fair to say that not everyone is like this, it still rings true that society is leaning towards a less empathetic direction.

Why This Is A Big Problem

Superficially, a loss of empathy does not seem like a substantial problem. However, on a moral level, this becomes a truly worrisome situation. Humans are social beings, and the state of our society determines the nature of our social interactions. If our society deteriorates, becoming selfish and uncaring, then our relationships will mirror this change. The nature of friendships and bonds in general will become corrupted; we’ll look to associate ourselves only with people who can provide us with some obvious materialistic benefit.

This change in our social structure is a toxic one, as it discourages the many qualities which express our humanity. Empathy, sympathy, kindness and consideration are important human traits, and it’s quite tragic that they are valued less than they should be. If we don’t address this problem properly, and attempt to subdue it now, it will pass on for generations, and our society will deteriorate further.

How To Fight This Problem

Change starts at the home. To fight the growing loss of empathy, we must make a conscience effort to become more caring ourselves. Being kind yourself will inspire kindness in others, being considerate will urge others to do the same. It’s our moral obligation some time out to care for those around us. Furthermore, it’s important for us to teach the newer generations to become empathetic. This can be done through example, by showing them how to be kind through our own actions. We should also let them interact with those less fortunate to themselves, and people from different societies or backgrounds. This will instil in them a sense of empathy and a tolerance for different cultures.

Our society has become plagued with many problems, but through empathy and hard work, we can work towards resolving them.