Discuss A Special Attribute Or Accomplishment That Sets You Apart

Every human being is special and different from one another on the basis of his or her different life experiences. These experiences, whether they be in the form of failures or accomplishments are what creates and shapes a person’s personality. Everyone usually has one special quality or may have achieved a certain milestone in life that may set him or apart from others.

What Sets You Apart?

To be different from others one may have such an attribute which is either in scarce supply or which is exclusive to you only. You may have read essays and book about scientists and special doctors such cardiac surgeons who cure disease and work on new technological advancements. They are in short supply and their intelligence based on years of study, practice and research makes them irreplaceable by an ordinary person. However, it is also not necessary for a person to be highly qualified in order to be different, even though it might be the case many times. A person can have a kind heart and a beautiful soul, which is even harder to find in this modern age.

I believe that something which sets me apart from others is my ability to paint. There are and have been several famous painters in the world, but the beauty of this art is that everyone can be different from the other. Everyone can have their own distinct painting style or speciality that they might be the best at.

Painting is a beautiful and subtle way to express oneself. This medium of expression enables one to display his or her emotions to the world without words and through some strokes of a paint brush. However, it is an art that not everyone can be great at. Some people may be born as painters; naturally good at it and other learn their way through it.

After having received several accolades and awards for my paintings in several local and international competitions, I think that it is something which has now been associated with my name wherever I go. People recognise my paintings with my name and their distinct style, or the other way around, my name with my paintings.

Growing Further

In my view, a person must constantly improve no matter how well accomplished he or she is. There is also room for being better. Accomplishments become redundant after some time as the needs of the society change. Therefore, one should evolve with it and add more qualities to their portfolio of attributes. For this purpose, I decided that it was necessary for me to impart my skill to little children who perhaps will never have the opportunity or money to hold a paintbrush. Such little acts of kindness also set you apart from other by making you feel like valuable members of the society.

Therefore, everyone at some point in time learns what they are best at. What is more important that recognising these distinct qualities is your power to use them in such a way that you change and transform the world for the better.