Experiences Are The Building Blocks Of Our Life

It is important to value our life experiences as they shape our outlook and perception of life, while also determining the course it might take.

As human being we undergo several experience that influence the outlook and direction of our lives. The formulation of our perceptions post-experience determine whether we change for the better or worse; or perhaps remain stagnant.

Good Experiences and Bad Experiences

Life is full of both good and bad experiences. We always tend to tuck away good experiences save in our memoirs to remember in times of gloom. Conversely, we also remember bad experiences, sometimes even more than good ones. However, what matter is the way in which we remember these experiences and use them to transform our lives for the better. It is important that one remembers unfortunate events and learn for them. Perhaps by not making the same mistake again or doing better next time. Furthermore, one must also reminisce happy days sometimes to motivate oneself to move forward and progress.

A chain of experiences

Every experience is preceded and followed by another one. The way we react to one defines the next one. If a person reacts positively to a bad experience of failure, such as a bad grade in the exam, and works hard to achieve better next time, he or she may experience success later on.

My experience and development

Similarly, I went on an exchange program to England during my fourth semester at university. I still remember that time when all of us were applying for this opportunity and how eager I was to go. I believe that this exchange program changed how I viewed life, and opened up several new opportunities for me.

The first few days in England were the hardest. As the newly found independence though apparently desirable was extremely hard to handle all at once. Moreover, being oceans away from home and family was not easy. However, I believe that it is in such moments that one truly discover a sense of self. During this trip I was able to explore places I have never imagined to visit and meet people who were so diverse yet similar to me. I got a chance to attend lectures, seminars and read essays of important people, and sometimes actually meet and interact with them in person. The whole experience was incredible, over-whelming, terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time.

When I came back after 6 months in London, I discovered that I was a different person. I had learnt a lot more about life and a culture that was completely different from my own. I was more motivated to work harder and earn my place in life. Throughout my trip, I had tried different courses and disciplines to see where my interest lie and when I was on my airport, waiting for my flight back home I realized that how much I loved studying Economics. Now, I am more motivated and determined to pursue Economics both in my academic and professional life.

Therefore, it is these valuable experiences which help us in discovering ourselves and growing forward. I have learnt through my exchange program and other events in life, that to succeed in life, one must never take any experience lightly. It is important for to grasp every opportunity at hand, learn from it and later also evaluate our own performance.