Solution To A Controversial Problem On College Campuses

Gone are the days when we believed that college life is all about fun and laughter. Nowadays students believe that their college life is stressful and difficult. The competition to get good grades, land in scholarships, save for future endeavors, it is just too much for the kids. On top of all this the new burden of career choice and protecting the environment is also stressing them out.

Some sort of stress is good for students, it pushes them to achieve goals however excessive stress can lead to anxiety and depression. Many would argue that stress is bad no matter how less or more it is, science and studies have proven that some stress stimulates our brain and challenges us to make change in life. Students in the modern world are met with so many opportunities, obstacles and expectation that they often fail in attempts of trying. Once they fail they want morale boost and when not met with the requirement, they fall in the deep pit of depression.

Stress and anxiety is usually caused by excessive pressure to achieve unattainable goals or expectations. Student life is supposed to be carefree, but when the added tension of failure and unachieved goals is faced they collapse or do something irrational. The pressure on the students to achieve high grades, participate in extra-curricular activities and keep up the social life becomes a little too much.

All these problems can be catered easily within the college campus. Stress management and counseling seminars can be conducted for college students so that they can have someone to talk with. Remember knowledge is the key, if you feel someone around you is stressful talk to them and try to figure out their condition so you can handle them more efficiently.

Furthermore, the counselors can help students understand the factors that cause stress and make them vulnerable. Students with stress and anxiety problems can be taught special relaxation techniques that can ease them in panic situations. Other than that safe environment can be created where students can easily interact and discuss the issues they are facing. The teachers should also appreciate and encourage students for their efforts, students must not be put down for minor mistakes.

There are few symptoms of stress that everyone must be aware of so they know how their bodies are reacting in different situations. In stress it is possible that you will find it hard to sleep or digest food. You may also have high blood pressure, constant headache and muscular pains. You might have undesirable thoughts and forget things rather easily. Anger, fear and mood swings are the most common signs of stress.

We must not forget that all these issues are real and prevalent in our society especially in the modern era where nothing seems to satisfy anyone. Develop a sense of meaningful life amongst each other by encouraging them to strive harder every time they fall.