The Contribution Of Education In Making Us Who We Are

The attainment of quality education leads to an individual’s personal, professional, intellectual, social, emotional and political development and success.

Education plays an important part in not only a person’s intellectual abilities but his or her grooming as well. A well educated person is able to exercise reason and logic in everyday situations, improving life not only for his or her own benefit but for others as well.

Benefits of attaining quality education

Educations empowers one to excel in life by allowing him or her to explore new horizons of knowledge. It teaches one new things about way in which the world operates; how the earth revolves around the sun as the part of a bigger solar system or how human emotions change and develop. Whether it is Science, History, Geography, Mathematics or English, the world is full of knowledge. It is our right and responsibility to educate ourselves and others.

Quality Education is a dynamic concept, attainment of which allows one to acquire the necessary capabilities for economic production, development of sustainable living and contribution to peace and individual, as well as collective well-being.

My experience

Being a successful businesswoman today, I believe I owe my success to education. My parent had always been keen to provide me with quality education at the best institutes and equip me with the confidence to pursue my dreams. However, I believe that one can only benefit from these facilities and support when he or she, himself or herself has the motivation, willingness and determination to work hard and learn something new.

I had always wanted to do something different in my professional life; something that would not only earn me a substantial living but something I also enjoy doing. I decided to prepare myself for it from the start. During my undergraduate years, I started taking courses which were both interesting and relevant to my field. I tried learning more about how the corporate environment works by interning for different companies during my summer break. It was during this time that I figured that with the education and learning I had during my university years I can start something on my own.

I decided to start my own boutique; apparently most people think that you only need to have a good fashion sense to become a successful designer. I did always love fashion designing and had taken some courses in textile and fashion design during my vacations. However, I learned that it was not so straightforward, as I was not only making clothes that I loved, but I was running a business. I was required to hire and train staff, manage accounts and other administrative issues. This was when my education and degree in Management Sciences helped me a lot. I was able to do something I loved and also employ all the skills I had learned throughout my time as a student.

Therefore, it is important to remember that in order to succeed in life one must work hard to acquire as much education as possible. Read eye-opening books, interesting essays, listen to lectures and always try to learn something new. However, as you go up the ladder of academic success, always remember to spread knowledge and awareness to others as well.